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Giant Carriage Clock: Flat top Largest Early Joseph Eastman Giant Boston Clock Co. Dec 28 1880. Size: 10 3/4" Tall X 7 3/8" Wide X 5 3/4" Deep.Gold plated- flute columns- cream color porcelain face with front winding and ornate gold lace work.One Gong stircks on the hour and on the half hour.Four sided glass shows a beautiful workmanship.Engraving: Bost CN Pat. D. Dec 28 1880Serial number: 4 048 also 4048 S - 658020- OHGiant Carriage Clock: Joseph Eastman Boston Clock Co. Dec. 28 1880.  Giant anglaise case Tandem Wind carriage clockGiant Carriage Clock. Joseph Eastman Boston Clock 1880Sizes: 11 1/8" with handle up and 8 1/4" with no handle X 6 1/2 " Wide X 5 1/8" Deep.The movement #B 8705  typical round movement found in Boston mantel clocks and crystal regulator.Engravings: Boston Clock Co. Boston PATD Dec 28 1880 S50 B8705 The gong is suspended from the top.French Giant Carriage Clock with Corinthian Columns: Ref: P62 Frame 113 The Dr, Eugene and Rose Antelis Collection of Important French Carriage Clocks - Christie's South Kensington 1998French Giant Carriage Clock with Corinthian columns. One hour Repeater. Edward & Son Glass Co. 1880Giant French Size:10 1/4" Tall with handle up & 8 1/2"without handle X 5 3/8" Wide X 4 5/8" Deep.Giant French Carriage Clock with Corinthian columns. Engravings: Made in France - showing an Arrow.Giant French: R A top engravings with red diamond.Carriage clock with Fignoles. Inscription 2747 C. A Boston Joseph Eastman 1880 time piece. Very attractive and collectible, adorned with four small turrets or finials. A SPARTA unique case.Carriage Clock Fignoles: This SPARTA has rounded fluted corner columns and the horizontal plates are also rounded.Ref: P 2 Journal of The Tandem Winders Winter 1983 VOL 2, no.1 Engravings: 2747 c ES.Size: 6 3/8" with handle up 4 7/8" without handle X 2 7/8" Wide X 2 1/4" Deep.